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MCT CBD Oil 40% | 4000mg STILLA® Full spectrum

Declic CBD

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MCT Coco Collection CBD Oil | Made in France

40% | 4000mg - THC 0,0% - Full spectrum - Innovation STILLA®

Pure MCT Coconut Oil. New formula patented by STILLA® with the full spectrum CBD / CBG / CBN / CBC. GMO Free & THC Free. Made in France by CIDS France.

Innovative on the market and rich in natural cannabinoids, STILLA® oils are made exclusively from noble materials. The name STILLA® is a guarantee of quality & assures you of rigorous specifications.
The new revolutionary process patented by CIDS France allows faster assimilation of phyto-cannabinoids, in particular CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN. Rich in natural cannabinoids, STILLA® CBD oils guarantee you important effects.
All STILLA® oils from the MCT Coconut Collection are made with pure MCT Coconut Oil, extracted from 100% coconut oil. unlike most MCT oils on the market which are palm oils.
STILLA® oils contain no additives, preservatives or GMOs and are THC free.