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STILLA® CBD Oils | Hemp Collection

STILLA® CBD Oils | Hemp collection at the best price!

Innovative on the market and rich in natural cannabinoids, STILLA® oils are made exclusively from noble materials. The name STILLA® is a guarantee of quality and guarantees rigorous specifications.

The new revolutionary patented process allows faster assimilation of phyto-cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN. Rich in natural cannabinoids, STILLA® CBD oils guarantee you important effects.

Our shop offers high quality CBD oils with its STILLA® range, perfectly suited to sublingual consumption. GMO Free & THC Free. Made in France.
All STILLA® oils from the Hemp Collection are made with virgin organic French hemp oil from cold pressed hemp seeds.

Whether for our Hemp collection or for our MCT Coco collection, the use of this new innovative process guarantees full spectrum oils for better absorption of phyto-cannabinoids and greater effects.

A range designed for consumers!

Declic CBD
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Declic CBD
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Declic CBD
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Declic CBD
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